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Creating a space for collaboration and creativity

Case Study

Nestling in central London, right opposite the famous Barbican centre, the Newable Head Office is a go-to hub for a constant stream of employees and visitors.

Before the pandemic, there was a busy café on the 6th floor, but as restrictions came into play it became clear that the space would work better as a self-service café with collaboration areas that encouraged employees to reconnect once life returned to normal.

Reusing and reconnecting

Sticking to our environmentally conscious beliefs and working closely with the client team, we reused as much of the existing installation as we could and optimised the existing area to create three distinct seating zones with something for everyone:

  • Stools with a view for focused, individual working

  • Inviting armchairs for relaxed conversations

  • Seated tables for more formal meet-ups

Other ways our design said “Come on in” …

  • A feeling of wellbeing – We created a new breakout space that offered a serene and relaxing environment for staff and visitors. This was achieved by using light colours and plants to bring the outside indoors, and to reflect the famous Barbican aesthetics

  • A connected mood – Our Team Board with the iconic Newable rocketship logo was designed to showcase all staff – either on their own, doing something they love, or with the special people in their lives. It gives a likeable snapshot of what their lives are like outside the office

  • A home from home – We know that going back to the office after so long can feel daunting, so we made the space welcoming and approachable using bright pops of colour, wall graphics and floating shelves

Happy days

We’re pleased to say that our client was extremely happy with the final café which was completed on a fixed budget without compromising on quality or look and feel.
The offices are now fully open and the café is being enjoyed by all employees and has been a huge success.

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