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Fredericks at the Insurance Hall

Preserving and enhancing heritage

Case Study

There’s nowhere like London, and in the heart of the City lies Fredericks at the Insurance Hall. This totally unique Grade II listed building had been unoccupied due to upkeep and maintenance costs.

But, in 2021, an exciting investment plan was hatched to breathe new life into it, with three floors cleverly refurbished to create contemporary office space.

The project had to be respectful of the many period features and retain the integrity of the listed structure.
It meant restoring and enhancing the ground floor, including conference and reception area, as well as creating two floors of highly desirable office space – all in keeping with the original building.

We combined the heritage of yesterday with the office needs of today.  To do this, we used three approaches:


We created bespoke elements

  • Copper elements ran from outside to inside, starting with custom-made planters at the entrance, through to the hammered copper reception desk and then down to the copper kitchen accessories

  • Tartan fabric was used throughout the building for chairs and lampshades

  • Existing furniture was hand painted to give it a new lease of life

  • An on-brand colour palette was used on feature walls at every level


We restored and repaired

  • Woodwork was repaired to match the original features

  • Extensive service repairs were done throughout the building

  • Plumbing and electrical installations were swiftly brought up to today’s standards


We modernised

  • Additional kitchens were installed

  • New partition walls were put up, in keeping with existing building detailing

  • Power and data cabling was installed everywhere, without causing damage

  • Every area was made to look clean and fresh

We are proud of the scope and scale of this project – delivered on time and in budget to a high spec during the challenging times of the pandemic.


Person event
space created


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