Fire suppression, also known as ‘fire stopping’ is a passive fire protection measure which prevents fire, smoke and heat from passing through multiple building compartments. It works by containing the spread of fire within fire resistant compartments, sectioning of the building (horizontally and vertically). To achieve this buildings need to ensure that any openings and gaps are adequately fire stopped, to prevent the spread of fire.

Homebrook work with facilities management companies, landlords, commercial property developers and more to ensure their premises meet the appropriate fire safety standards, by offering a full service of fire stopping solutions.


Fire stopping installation

Fire suppression infrastructure installed by our highly skilled team.

Fire compartment surveys

We can perform a detailed assessment of your entire building, identifying any areas for improvement or actions needed to improve the safety of your property and ensure it meets legislative requirements.

We will arrange for third party FRA to be completed only.

Highly skilled workforce

Our on-site teams are trained to the highest standards and pride themselves on a professional and personable on-site service, helping you complete your fire stopping updates on time and on budget,

Fire door specialists

We can inspect, install and maintain your fire doors to ensure they adhere to the highest safety standards.

Expert advice

Our expert team are on hand to offer advice and guidance when it comes to the fire stopping requirements of your facility.

High quality suppliers

We work with trusted manufacturers, suppliers and partners to ensure the Homebrook the highest levels of quality and care in everything we do.